2383 Lomita Blvd #102 Lomita, CA 90717  424-263-5777


Owner Chef Takeshi Takasuka
Born in Ehime, Japan.In his University days he moved out to Tokyo and took his very first step into the world of the restaurant industry.
Takeshi started his career at sushi restaurant in Tokyo.
He was young and inexperienced but his talent and passion for food lead him into managing a launch of an Izakaya in Tokyo.
Then shortly after, he was scouted to be one of the chefs for a 600+ passenger cruise ship that offered both Asian and Western style food.
After completing a one and half year mission on a cruise ship, he moved to Ishigaki Island in Okinawa where he was the key chef for Hotel Nikko, one of the major hotels in Ishigaki Island. He specialized in course menus for large parties such as weddings.
After his marriage, he took on a position at a restaurant development company in Ehime where he grew up. This company was known for their overseas business developments where he helped develop 9 restaurants in 5 years. After his wide range of experiences, such as
cruise ships, hotels, and new restaurant developments in Japan, he decides that his next mission is to take his experience to the next
level and come out to the U.S. His first mission in the U.S. was to open a Steak Restaurant in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Shortly after, he was asked to open a Motsu Hot Pot Restaurant where he has a lot of following for who what he does and who he is. Tons of regulars returning on a weekly basis.
2016, the time has come. He’ s taken up on an opportunity to start up his own restaurant, HIKARI. New mission has begun for Takeshi Takasuka

オーナーシェフ 高須賀 丈

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